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Surrey Ladies County Golf Association

Women in Golf Charter

The SLCGA signed the Women in Golf Charter, an initiative launched by the R&A to encourage more and better participation by women in golf, in June 2021. This demonstrates our committment to providing a welcoming and inspiring environment in Surrey for women and girls to play golf or work in the golf industry.

The SLCGA has set the following goals:

1.  Ensure excellent governance within the SLCGA at all levels;
2. As a SafeGolf accredited county, ensure policies and procedures remain up to date;
3. Encourage all golf clubs in Surrey to sign the Women in Golf Charter;
4. Deliver initiatives annually targeting women/girls and families aligned with key England Golf campaigns;
5. Monitor participation by women and girls in golf across the County;
6. Appoint a committee member to raise our presence on social media - Katie Laud;
7. Appoint a County Charter Champion who can assist with the promotion and reporting of the Charter - Jane Bathurst.

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