Surrey Ladies Golf

Online Entry for The Birley Trophy (Junior) 2023

Wednesday 29th March 2023

Players should ensure they have read the SLCGA Competition Rules and Guidelines, particularly section G15 Dates offered & G18g availability for final.

The Birley Trophy handicap index limit is 36.0, Matches will be played off full difference in course handicap.

Matches to be played over 18 holes from the 1st tee (Red tees) to a conclusion. If play continues beyond the 18th hole any extra holes must be played in the same order they were played from the start of the match and, if applicable, the same stroke allowance given.

The Home player must offer at least three dates and no more than two dates in a seven day period. Please give seven clear days, notice for the first date offered likewise three clear days’ notice must be given when accepting dates. The Home player must offer the dates by the contact date on the draw sheet; otherwise the opponent may claim Home advantage.

Players, who are unable to offer courtesy of the course to their opponent, will be liable to forfeit Home advantage.
Caddies will not be allowed in any round except the final. Caddies must not be related to the player or be a professional golfer and must be under the age of 18.
Devices which measure wind speed, gradient or temperature will not be permitted.

Round 1 - Player at the top of the draw is at "Home"
Round 2 - Player at the bottom of the draw is at "Home"
Round 3 - Player at the top of the draw is at "Home"
Semi final is played at a neutral venue
Final is played ON (not by) 22nd Oct 2023 at Guildford Golf Club


A valid CDH ID is required to enter this competition. Please contact your home club if you do not know it.

English & Welsh Lifetime IDs may be used.

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