Surrey Ladies Golf

Surrey Championship 2023 Knockout stage

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1st Round
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Quarter Final
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To be played on Sun 16th Apr  
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To be played on Sun 16th Apr  
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Alice Spani Molella                                                                                                     
Chloe M Ryan  2&1                                                                           
Chloe M Ryan  6&5                                                                           
 Chloe M Ryan                                                   
Nicola Taylor  3&2                                                  
Nicola Taylor                                                   
Kimberley Munro                                                    
  Ellie  Monk  5&4                         
Sarah Wilmore                           
Abbi Rowlands                          
Abbi Rowlands  5&3                         
 Ellie  Monk  1 Hole                         
Holly Justice                           
Ellie  Monk  2 Holes                          
Ellie  Monk  7&6                           
   Ellie  Monk
Yale Lee  2&1   
Yale Lee   
Caroline Ong   
 Rebecca Gee  2&1 
Alexandra Jakins  
Rebecca Gee  2 Holes 
Rebecca Gee  1 Hole  
  Rebecca Gee  
Katie Laud  1 Hole    
Katie Laud   
Jenny Justice   
 Jocelyn Alford   
Jing Wang Ji    
Jocelyn Alford  5&3   
Jocelyn Alford  7&5    

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