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AGM - NOTICE OF MEETING to be held electronically 11.00 Monday 30 November 2020

Due to the current Government guidelines on Covid-19 the AGM will be held electronically at 11.00 on Monday 30 November using the Microsoft Teams app.  This app will need to be downloaded prior to attending the meeting.


All papers for the meeting will be posted on the website on Monday 9 November. - Click here

The County Captain's Report and the Junior Organiser's Report will be posted on the website after the meeting.





All members of SLCGA affiliated clubs are entitled to attend the AGM.  If you have not already received an email from your club delegate giving you the link, please contact the County Secretary - secretary@slcga.org or the County Captain - captain@slcga.org


In accordance with the SLCGA Constitution the Surrey Delegate at your club is the Voting Member for your club.  She has been sent a Proxy Form. There will be no voting at the meeting.   


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