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Jackie Kingswell wins Senior Scratch and Handicap Championships at Sunningdale

Congratulations to Jackie Kingswell of Tyrrells Wood who won the Senior Championship at Sunningdale with an excellent score of 81 which meant she also won the Handicap Cup as well.


Everybody was looking forward to the championship at Sunningdale so it was disappointing that the weather was rather wet and miserable to say the least.  However our intrepid seniors' enthusiasm was only marginally dampened and everybody enjoyed the opportunity to play at Sunningdale which still looked in perfect condition despite the weather.  Spirits were kept up by the excellent breakfast before golf and the wonderful buffet lunch which revived the wet and weary.


The trophy winners were:


Scratch Champion - Jackie Kingswell (Tyrrells Wood)

Handicap Champion - Jackie Kingswell (Tyrrells Wood)

60+ Scratch Champion - Sophie Warner (Royal Mid-Surrey)

60+ Handicap Champion - Shelagh Pope (Betchworth Park) 

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