We are the Champions!.....Surrey win County Match Week

After a wonderful week of golf and sunshine at Hockley Golf Club, Hampshire, Surrey had a clean sweep to get the "Top Dog" trophy and become the 2018 South Region Champions.


Monday was our rest day, so we did a bit of practising, whilst some of the team went to work! 

Tuesday v Middlesex; now a force to be reckoned with - a youthful team who gave us close matches. We won 5 1/2 - 3 1/2.

Wednesday v Sussex ( who had beaten Hampshire the day before) We had a great afternoon, winning 5 singles to win the day 6 - 3

Thursday v Hampshire; looking all too tight after the morning foursomes, but again we had a great singles lineup to win 6 -3 


At this point we knew we could not be beaten for the week, but we wanted to end without being beaten, and despite Kent pushing us all the way the 18th green gave us the final half to win the day 5 - 4.


I would like to thank our amazing  team of Alice, Canice, Debbie, Ellie, Jess, Katie, Kim, Lauren, Martha, Nicola, Rafiah and Tana, along with our support team of Rosemary, Lorna, John and Kathie (our hostess from Hockley)  for a great week of golf, competitiveness and fun.


Onwards to Royal North Devon in September!



 For the full results please see the Hampshire website by clicking here

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