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Please note that we make every effort to keep the draw sheets up-to-date with progress through the rounds.

Entry Forms can be found by clicking on the 'K/O ENTRY FORMS' tab on the left. 

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 Inter-Club Knockouts

Hicks Trophy    Draw   Player Information             Result Sheet 

Hicks Plate    Draw             Result Sheet Player Information

Centenary Bowl    Draw              Player Information         Result Sheet

Centenary Plate    Draw        Result Sheet      Player Information

Derry Cup     Prelim Draw     K/O Draw            Result Sheet


                    Player Info       History

Helme Shield    Draw     Result Sheet  

Inter-Club Scratch Foursomes    Draw     Player Information

Inter-Club Handicap Foursomes    Draw  Player Information 



I/C Bronze K/O (WallisTrophy)    Draw  Result Sheet 


  Player Information

Individual Knockouts

Autumn Match Play    Draw     Player Information

Burditt Salver 60+ Match Play    Draw                 Player information

Centenary Foursomes    Draw     Player Information

Inter-Club Champions Gold Medal    Draw       Player Information

Monk Plate    Draw        Player Information

Rothschild Trophy     Draw      Player Information

Spring match Play     Draw     Player Information

 4BBB Knock out                        Draw      Player Information

Stirling Salvers     Draw              Player Information

Weekend Match Play    Draw        Player Information

Winter Scratch League     Draw     Player Information


The Thornhill Trophy Mixed Foursomes Knockout      Draw

 Junior Knockouts

Birley Trophy    Draw     Player Information

Rigg Quaich    Draw        Player information 



Pearson Trophy/Surrey Cup 


For the benefit of Surrey Clubs the information relating to the Pearson Trophy and Surrey Cup is shown below.

For any further information please contact the Pearson Management Committee via Gill Longdon, on 07703 342951


Pearson Trophy Regulations             History



Congratulations to this year's winners of the Pearson Surrey Cup - Leatherhead Golf Club. They beat last year's winners Foxhills in the final. You can read the full report here:  


 Pearson Finals Day 2018-19

The Leatherhead Club now go on to represent Surrey in the Pearson Inter County Finals which will be held at Batchworth Park Golf Club in Hertfordshire on Wednesday 24th July.



 Pearson Inter-County Finals 2019 Report


Congratulations to Leatherhead who retained the Pearson Trophy for Surrey for another year!  Read the full report on the semi-finals and finals above.




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