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A County Card is an exciting opportunity to play at over 1,000 courses in 27 counties in England at a reduced green fee.


In 2016 a Sub-Committee, chaired by Executive Committee Member Gill Longdon, spent many months reviewing the County Card scheme. The current fee structure, the workload, costs, and inefficiencies associated with the current method of running the scheme, and the disparity between men and women in the County were all looked into.

The SLCGA Committee approved the following:


''In 2017 County Cards will be issued free of charge to all lady members of Surrey Clubs. SLCGA will pay for these cards in 2017 and have budgeted for the loss of income for 1 year only. In 2018 the per capita levy will be increased from £8 to £10 but the £2.50 payable to the Ladies Golf Union will cease.''


County Cards were distributed at the Delegates' Meeting on 6th March 2017.  

Please remember the County Card rules:

  • Members MUST book in advance with the Secretary or Professional of the Club where they wish to play and confirm their tee time. Clubs may otherwise refuse to give a discount.
  • The suggested green fee for Clubs is the Members’ Guest Fee, but the Club concerned decides the reduced fee.
  • Members must conform to the Club dress code, etiquette and any other rules and regulations.
  • A Handicap Certificate may be required.
  • Members should not expect Clubs to accept large parties. Bookings of up to four people are reasonable.
  • Clubs may only accept cards on certain days and/or times.
  • The card is not transferable and will not be replaced if lost.

Happy Golfing!



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